Nintendo don’t pay me enough

Ignore the title it’s just a joke I like to make about my surname. It is Kirby by the way if you were wondering.

Just a general hello to anyone who comes across my blog, I generally started this in order ramble and talk about anything Japanese (mainly focusing on anime, manga and food). However, I could end up blogging about anything, to keep you on your toes! I do like Manhwa too.

I only recently started collecting manga but have enjoyed anime and manga ever since I saw my first episode of Cowboy Bebop when I was about 16. However it could probably go back further if we are counting Yu-gi-oh!, Pokemon and Digimon…

I live in the United Kingdom, Sheffield.

I’m a massive Shoujo and Josei fan. I like to live in the world of fantasy romance, but I try to branch out my genres…kind of…It’s all a lie really. Anything romantic and I’m right there. I do like Attack on Titan though!

I love my ramen, now I know how to make it myself, I would pretty much live on it if I could.

Anyway – for now, I must escape from my little hole and go into the real world. FIGHT!


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