ReLife Chapter 171 Review

I am reading a lot of manga at the moment, so reviewing all of them won’t be possible. However one of my favorites at the moment is ReLife, I think this is because it slightly reflects my life a little – I’m not a  shut in Otaku, I do have friends and a steady job  (trying to justify myself) however, I do feel the same way as some of the characters who are older in this series and relate to their feelings.

As I’ve only just started this blog, I thought reviewing each chapter would be immensely time consuming, so I’m just going to start from where it currently is with the English translations.

The most recent update came out yesterday (20/03/2017) which is Report 171 or Chapter 171: After the Rain.

If you haven’t read ReLife yet, I totally recommend it. I have been enjoying it so far and there are a lot of relevant themes and issues going on within this manga and isn’t just a run of the mill romance. I will also say, even though I refer to it as a manga it is in fact a webtoon.

So just a warning if you proceed any further there will be:


We seem to have been stuck in Ohga’s brother arc for quite sometime now so I’m fairly relieved it’s over, although it has been interesting to find out about the revelation of his shut in Brother, I really don’t think that this needed anymore than a few chapters. But hey we got 11!

Ohga actually turned up at Kaizaki’s apartment at Chapter 166 and now he’s finally walked out of the door. I feel like Ohga and Kariu will sort things out now, hopefully! And finally move onto the Kaizaki and Hishiro ship, maybe?

Nothing is ever that simple in the world of manga – something is bound to happen I think. I was also thinking at one point if Ohga’s brother has something to do with Kaizaki’s former work colleagues suicide?

I really do enjoy Hishiro’s speech within this chapter, I almost feel like believing its directly aimed at me, but it is something way too mature for a high school student to come out with – even if it is Hishiro.

Kaizaki’s suspicions about her being part of the ReLife project are arisen again, but actually laughs it off, questioning himself. It is a difficult predicament to be in, if he’s wrong or right mentioning the project at all will erase his memories and his friends.

Hopefully once Ohga and Kariu have spoken and cleared the air we can move onto more Hishiro and Kaizaki moments as they really do make me laugh.



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