Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai Manga Review

I finally managed to finish this manga series last week. It’s amazing when you get latched onto a manga you suddenly find yourself zooming through the chapters and before you realise you have finished it.

I always get an empty feeling when I finish a manga, whether I enjoyed it or not – I just end up picking up another one to fill the void.

Originally I started reading this manga and dropped it, thinking, this is a bit weird. But I persevered and decided to pick it up again and I’m really glad I did.

To give you a quick synopsis of this manga before I review it in basic terms; girl moves school, girl meets boy, said boys face only appears as a cat to girl, girl finds it interesting and tries to investigate said boy and reasons behind this.

In more detailed terms: Mikiko a young girl transfers to a new school, she very rowdy and boisterous. Mikiko is introduced to Nekota, who is apparently the most good looking guy in the class, however Mikiko can’t actually see his true apperance because for some reason she doesn’t understand she can only see Nekota’s face as a cats. This intrigues Mikiko into getting to know the reason behind why she is the only one that sees Nekota this way and thus begins the weird friendship between Mikiko and Nekota.


This is a really sweet manga and doesn’t ooze romance. It deals with quite a few serious issues such a loneliness, bullying and puberty. It does have all the ingredients for a typical romance Shoujo manga though.

  • It has the side girl who likes the Main Character (MC) guy
  • It has the side boy who likes the MC girl
  • It has confessions and the awkward moments
  • And of course it has the moments where you’re screaming saying “NOW KISS”!!

The one thing I did find intriguing about this manga is that we never see Nekota’s face. We see the back of his head, or his profile, or his face covered by Mikiko’s hair, but never see his face – until the extra chapter.

The manga has a total of 44 chapters as well as a few extra side chapters, this includes the final chapter.

The build up for me wasn’t for Mikiko to realise her feelings it was more the reveal of Nekota’s face, the snippets of being able to see part of his face and also the comments from other characters about his good looks made me impatient for his face to be revealed.

We don’t even get the satisfaction of seeing his face at the end of the manga, we only get to see his face with the extra chapter 44.5 where the story is from Nekota’s perspective meeting Mikiko for the first time and ends at the point where the main manga finished.

The manga is pretty heart warming but I felt like this manga was going to progress for a lot longer than it did, I was expecting near 80+ chapters and maybe showing more of Mikiko’s and Nekota’s relationship.

The build up to them getting together was so long, to just have a couple of pages on the extra chapter showing it seemed disappointing. However, the build up was worth it to have this few extra pages and the kiss. I do crave more from this manga and do honestly hope there is a sequel to it, but I think where the mangaka left it was really well done.

I would recommend the manga to any shoujo lover, but don’t expect anything new or different, you have to cope with an the male MC having a cat face for the majority of the time who lacks expressions and a mouth.

If the manga does get published in English I will definitely buy it, it is a cute addition to any collection. Also, it would be really awesome if it did get adapted into a anime. It has a couple of 2 minute episodes released already to promote the manga which were quite funny so would be nice to see it made into a 12 episode anime.


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