Masamune-kun’s No Revenge Anime Review

I have just finished watching Episode 12 of Masamune-Kun’s No Revenge.

I started watching this anime when it was released but soon I was too impatient to wait for a week between episodes so I immediately started reading the manga as well.


The story revolves around a High School boy called  Masamune Makabe who is hell bent on getting revenge on a girl who broke his heart when he was younger. We learn that as a child Masamune was chubby fellow who became friends with young girl called Aki Adagaki, their friendship was short lived however when Aki calls Masamune a ‘pigs foot’. Flash forward a few years and Masamune, now slim and attractive has been training for the past few years in order to take revenge on Aki! He calls this the ‘Dead or Love’ plan *Evil laugh*…

The plan basically revolves around him making Aki fall in love with him, and obviously who wouldn’t fall in love with him now he is super-hot, and mercilessly reject her.

Puberty done right

I really like the character dynamics in the anime, we have super tsundre Aki who is also known as the cruel princess who eats a massive amount of food on a day to basis and seems to stay super slim. We have Masamune pretending to be a yandere (kind of) whilst hatching his ‘what could go wrong’ plan, ‘Master’ or Yoshino, who is Aki’s maid who seems pretty much like an emotional robot who would kill you without thinking twice and Kojūrō who is a massive trap! We’re introduced to more characters as the series goes on but these are the initial characters that we get to see in the beginning of the series. Also on a side note Masamune has a mother who is basically loli, not sure how she gave birth to a child (two children actually) when she looks like one herself. Well done Masamune’s father! Good Job!

I think in the ideal word the story line is something that anyone would do if they could. Make themselves super sexy then go back to their first unrequited love and screw with them. Or is that just me?

If you read any further you will be subjected to spoilers.


The problem is, even without reading the manga the storyline is definitely predictable. We all know Masamune is going to go on this endeavor to get revenge and before he knows it he will have fallen madly in love with Aki and has totally forgot about the ‘Dead or love’ plan. To be honest he obviously loved Aki when he was younger, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to such extremes to get into shape so he must still harbor those feelings even if she broke his heart.


It also becomes apparent throughout the series that he has a tendency to not think things through properly. Such as when Aki basically says “If you like me, then kiss me” and he totally freaks out.

Masamune is a funny character to follow on his quest for revenge, I genuinely laugh out loud at some of the episodes which is not something I don’t do often at anime. Although there is some lines blurred with Aki through comedy and cruelty when she nicknames the boys that confess to her (omg, Moley? seriously? that’s the best you can do?) and it could also be seen that Masamune’s plan is cruel. But it’s anime, I’ll get over it.

There is obviously a rival for Aki, (duh, this is a romantic comedy anime, it has to have clichés) who is called Neko, it is hinted that Masamune and Neko were childhood friends but there was never any conclusiveness to this part of the story. Neko loves Masamune and I do think Masamune has a soft spot for her too, but he is infatuated and hell bent on revenge he can’t see anything past that, any romantic interest he has in Neko is immediately terminated as he only has one goal in mind. The manga hasn’t got any further with the Neko and Masamune mystery either, which is frustrating. The anime has definitely put her out of the running, for now at least. I do enjoy Neko’s character but she is a total Yandere. She is depicted to have some serious health condition which you seem to question if she actual has – obviously until you see her in hospital and then your totally apologetic for ever doubting her. Later on in the anime it is hinted that Kojūrō has feelings for Neko.

Kujuro: Best trap ever!

One of the other relationships Masamune has is the one he has with ‘Master’. It’s really hard to see what her motives are for encouraging Masamune to get revenge on Aki. Yoshino is the first character to out Masamune for who he is and immediately knows about his previous relationship with Aki. She comes across as clumsy on the outside but on the inside she is cruel and deceptive, not only to Masamune but to Aki too.

Later in the anime we are introduced to a character called Makabe – which is Masamune’s surname. Makabe has the appearance of Masamune when he was younger, a chubby fellow, which leads Aki to believe that Makabe is her childhood friend. They instantly become close and Aki often reminisces about their times when they were younger with Makabe having no idea what the hell she is on about. Masmaune sees Makabe as a rival but doesn’t fully understand they are an impostor.


After watching all the episodes of this anime we are still no closer to any conclusion, in fact we have taken baby steps towards the end goal. The anime left us with so many answered questions such as:

  • Who the hell is Makabe (imposter)?
  • Who the hell is Neko and how does she know Masamune? A picture shows them together as children and Neko who is also seen as a chubby child.
  • Why is Aki infactuated with imposter Makabe even though she called the real one ‘Pigs foot’?
  • What is Yoshino’s deal?
  • How did Masamune’s mum give birth to two children?

The manga isn’t too far ahead of the end of the anime. The anime ends at chapter 29 and the manga is currently at chapter 39, so there isn’t enough content at the moment for another season.

Some of the questions have been answered in the manga, there is a bit of a plot twist but not a massive one and it all makes sense really. I won’t give too much away as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the manga.

I would recommend that you watch this anime as it has genuine laugh out loud moments, the main characters are well developed and we get to know the back story fully for both Aki and Masamune. There are lighthearted moments as well as the serious moments such as Neko being hospitalised and the bullying Masamune dealt with when he was younger.

There is no conclusion with Aki and Masamune’s relationship, and whilst there is a kiss there isn’t one that is satisfying so don’t watch it if you want a happy ending and no drama.

The anime has already been dubbed up to episode 7 already, so it must be doing pretty well. It may be good news for people wanting a second season, but we will have to wait until the manga has enough content available for a second season to be made which isn’t the case at the moment.

The genre is classed Shounen and Harem, but I’m a girl and I definitely found it enjoyable, the harem isn’t so in your face that you notice it and it is quite subtly done, especially if you remember that Kojūrō is actually a boy.

Don’t expect something different and ground breaking – this is a comedy, romance, school life anime and is full of all the usual clichés but the comedy aspect is well done and obviously the romance is with a twist, but yes, you will have to sit through another cultural festival.

The last episode of the anime was an immense disappointment in my eyes, with more than  half of the episode taken up by filler at a karaoke bar, the story could have been progressed further if they had just skipped this part, but it was quite funny to see Masamune nearly kill everyone with his singing.

The series still seems to be classed as on going so I’m not sure whether there will be an OVA in the future but we will have to wait and see. In the mean time, you are a fan of the genres it something worth watching but as I said don’t expect something ground breaking or new, it is just recycled from the rest of the rom-com anime.



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