Masamune-kun’s No Revenge Anime Review

I have just finished watching Episode 12 of Masamune-Kun’s No Revenge.

I started watching this anime when it was released but soon I was too impatient to wait for a week between episodes so I immediately started reading the manga as well.


The story revolves around a High School boy called  Masamune Makabe who is hell bent on getting revenge on a girl who broke his heart when he was younger. We learn that as a child Masamune was chubby fellow who became friends with young girl called Aki Adagaki, their friendship was short lived however when Aki calls Masamune a ‘pigs foot’. Flash forward a few years and Masamune, now slim and attractive has been training for the past few years in order to take revenge on Aki! He calls this the ‘Dead or Love’ plan *Evil laugh*…

The plan basically revolves around him making Aki fall in love with him, and obviously who wouldn’t fall in love with him now he is super-hot, and mercilessly reject her.

Puberty done right

I really like the character dynamics in the anime, we have super tsundre Aki who is also known as the cruel princess who eats a massive amount of food on a day to basis and seems to stay super slim. We have Masamune pretending to be a yandere (kind of) whilst hatching his ‘what could go wrong’ plan, ‘Master’ or Yoshino, who is Aki’s maid who seems pretty much like an emotional robot who would kill you without thinking twice and Kojūrō who is a massive trap! We’re introduced to more characters as the series goes on but these are the initial characters that we get to see in the beginning of the series. Also on a side note Masamune has a mother who is basically loli, not sure how she gave birth to a child (two children actually) when she looks like one herself. Well done Masamune’s father! Good Job!

I think in the ideal word the story line is something that anyone would do if they could. Make themselves super sexy then go back to their first unrequited love and screw with them. Or is that just me?

If you read any further you will be subjected to spoilers.


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Netflix Death Note Adaptation 

Scrolling through social media it has become apparent that Netflix will be making their own film of the well known manga Death Note.

Now, I’m not one to comment on the actual plot of Death Note I’ve never read it or watched the anime (I will get round to it), so I’m taking a full outsiders perspective of this.

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Your Name Film Review

I can’t seem to concentrate on anything today! I have my driving test tomorrow, so I am super nervous and in order to calm my nerves I decided to watch ‘Your Name’ again.

I can’t get enough of this film, the first time I watched it was back in January and I think this is the quickest I’ve re-watched a film for the second time. So as I have now started a blog, I though ‘I should review Your Name’. Great idea, huh?

It’s really difficult to review a film that you don’t have anything bad to say about. To be honest I feel like the other reviews I have done have been super negative and I’m trying not to stray into doing that too much!

So without further ado, here is my review on the film ‘Your Name’.

***Spoilers ahead***

Kimi no Na Wa

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Wolf Children Film Review

I went to HMV and managed to bag myself the DVD for Wolf Children, I had been hearing about this film for a while now and hadn’t got the chance to watch it yet. One of the issues I had with this film is I’m not a massive fan of ‘furries’, but I thought I’d put my reservations aside and give it a go.

I watched the film in dub (I know, I’m super lazy), I am always skeptical about dubs unless they are Studio Ghibli films. The film isn’t a Ghibli film however it looks and feels like a Ghibli film, almost anyway. The dub wasn’t that bad, it is watchable at least.

So without further ado, I will warn you of spoilers ahead.


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A Silent Voice Film Review

Well initially I never thought I would be able to see this film as the first time I was going to see it was on my own (Yes! the lonely life of an Otaku in Sheffield is real!) at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield back in February. But, one thing led to another and I ended up missing it. So I was super hyped that the Odeon decided they were showing this last Wednesday. (08/03/17)

I already had read A Silent Voice manga and this is the first time I actually read a manga before the adaptation was made. I also managed to drag a friend along with me so I wasn’t a lonely weeb sat in the cinema (although it became apparent there was other lonely weebs in the cinema as well, almost pushing me to stand up asking them to be my friends, but we’re socially awkward like that and in the end I sat down sulking into my popcorn and Tango Ice Blast).

Now one thing I will say, is never get super hyped for a film otherwise you will come out wholly disappointed. Unfortunately this is what I did. Anyway if you haven’t seen the film yet….



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